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Notes About Jabiru

Jabiru can be found in the Android Market Place, and installed to your phone from there.

Jabiru is basic, simple, and works. You can't do a lot with it (not moderating, no emoticons), but it will get you into CS Chat, and into a group chat, easily.

Getting Connected

The first time you start up Jabiru, press the menu key on your phone. Click "Account". Set "Jabber ID" to be your CS Screen Name (in lowercase with all non-alphanumeric characters replaced with _), followed by "@cschatter.com". So, for example, if your CS Screen Name is Flipper, your "Jabber ID" is "flipper@cschatter.com". Password is your CS forum password, and Resource should be "Jabiru".

Hit your back button, then click "Connect".

Joining a Group Chat

Click your menu button, then click "Conference". "Host" is "c.cschatter.com", "Room" is "cs", and your nickname is your CS Screen Name, or some recognizable version of it. Don't forget that other users can always see your real CS screen name just by viewing your user information.

To make your own group chat room, follow all the above steps. When asked for the name of the group chat to join, enter a new name other than "cs".

Emotes and Nicknames

Jabiru does not support the use of emotes or changing of your nickname while in the group chat room. You must use another client.

Moderating Your Chat Room

Jabiru does not support any amount of moderating of your chat room. You must use another client, such as Pidgin.

Adding Contacts

To add contacts and friends, visit your CS Buddy List, and add them there. From there, the data will be copied from CS to CS Chat. This process normally takes 30 to 45 minutes. Once done, you will see the person appear in your contact list the next time you log on.

Note, though, that a person on your roster for CS Chat will never be removed by this process. Delete them from your CS Buddy List, and then delete them in your roster window, if you wish to do this.