Miranda IM

Desktop Smart Phone
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Getting Connected

Click the Miranda logo in the menu, and then click "Accounts". Click the plus sign in the lower left. For "Account Name", put "CS Chat". Set the protocol type to "Jabber". Leave the internal account name blank, and click "OK".

Click on the "CS Chat" account. Set "User:" to your CS screen name, in all lower case with non-alphanumeric replaced with _. So, if your CS screen name is Flipper, enter "flipper" here. Set the "Domain/Server:" to "cschatter.com". Set your password to your CS forum password. Click "OK".

Click "Status", then "Online".

Joining a Group Chat

At the bottom of the roster window is a section named "Chat rooms" Double click the "Customers Suck!" chat room to rejoin it if you close the window. If you have need or desire to use a different nickname than your normal screen name, follow the next procedure, and set the "Room:" to "cs".

To make your own group chat room, click the Miranda logo on the menu, then click "CS Chat", then click "Services", then click "Create/Join groupchat". "Conference Server:" is "c.cschatter.com", "Room:" is the name of the new room you wish to join, and "Nick name:" is the nickname you wish to use in that room. Don't forget, though, that other people can always find out your real CS screen name just by viewing your user information.

Emotes and Nicknames

You can do emotes, which are statements that look like actions. This is done using /me does something, and will look like this in the room:

CSScreenName does something

Unfortunately, Miranda-IM does not support the changing of your nickname while you are in the groupchat room. You can only do it at the time of joining the room. As such, if you need to change your nickname, you will have to close the window for the room and re-join it.

Moderating Your Chat Room

If a need arises to kick someone out of your chat channel, you can right click that user's name in the group chat, and click "Kick" and that user will be kicked off the channel.

If it goes further, and you must ban someone from joining your channel again, you can right that user's name in the group chat, and click "Set Affiliation" then "Outcast (Ban)", and that user will be unable to join the chat again.

If you discover you need to unban someone, then you will have to use a different option, such as Pidgin.

Adding Contacts

To add contacts and friends, visit your CS Buddy List, and add them there. From there, the data will be copied from CS to CS Chat. This process normally takes 30 to 45 minutes. Once done, you will see the person appear in your contact list the next time you log on.

Note, though, that a person on your roster for CS Chat will never be removed by this process. Delete them from your CS Buddy List, and then delete them in your roster window, if you wish to do this.