CS Chat is much more than just a simple groupchat system. It's a full fledged instant messaging service, similar to MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk. We have even integrated it nicely with the forum software.

As a result, we provide considerably more for you than you might expect. Your Friends and Contacts from the forum are visible in the roster window. All of your social groups appear in your roster window as well, allowing you to immediately find and chat with people about the topics from those groups. The information you have set up in your profile on the forum is visible to people via the user information options in their clients.

You can also make your own group chat rooms, invite and restrict people from them, and even carry on whole private conversations with multiple people in them.

All of this is just what we were able to think for how you can use it while we were setting it up.

CS Chat is a place where you can gather around with friends and carry on conversations in a way that forums just don't handle well. We hope you enjoy it.